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Long-Term Care

Now it's easier than ever to protect your employees as they age. Optima Benefits & Payroll's long-term care insurance is a tremendous employee benefit, and now group carve out plans make it possible to provide this insurance to select employees – and enjoy tax breaks. Tax deductible premiums, protection for employees. Now that's a win-win. We'll create a plan you can use alongside another group plan.

Best of all, you'll see how plans can be built as 10-year paid policies that are completely tax free to the employees - and totally tax free to your business.

With our population aging, more businesses recognize the value of offering long-term care insurance as an executive benefit. Knowing that they have protection helps key employees feel more secure. They feel more confident.

Now with group carve-outs, it's easier than ever for you to provide the kind of benefit that delivers true peace of mind.

Interested in long-term care insurance for your employees but unsure how to offer a plan? Optima Benefits & Payroll can help you.

Our goal is to give you the options you need:

  • Carve out key employees on a discriminatory basis to offer along with existing plans
  • Provide a tax free fringe benefit for employee and spouse
  • Retain key employees
  • Tax-deduct the cost of premiums
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