Human Resource Services

Human Resources Management is becoming a larger part of every business’s framework.

At Optima, part of our job as your Benefits and/or Payroll Provider is to help you manage that aspect of your business. We feel so strongly about these services and the importance they bring to your business, that it is the largest investment we make in OUR business. We do this to ensure we are bringing you the best resources that guarantee your compliance with all existing or new regulations.

The best part is that we provide the majority of these services at NO Cost to you.


HR Portal

Optima's HR portal is uniquely customized for each client, offering a tailored solution that aligns precisely with their specific business needs and operations. This personalized approach ensures that clients receive the most relevant and effective HR tools and resources, enhancing their overall human resources management efficiency and effectiveness.


Toolbox Applications

Optima offers a comprehensive suite of HR tools, meticulously designed to streamline various human resources processes including payroll management and employee engagement. Each tool within this suite is tailored to boost efficiency and precision in HR operations, ensuring that businesses can meet their specific needs.


Live Support

Optima provides all its HR customers with free live support, ensuring immediate and direct assistance for any HR-related queries or issues. This service is designed to offer real-time solutions and expert guidance, enhancing the overall experience for HR professionals and streamlining their operational needs. It reflects Optima's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and support in the dynamic field of human resources.


Audit Services

Optima Benefits & Payroll introduces our new Audit Service, simplifying the administration of New York State mandatory insurances. We offer comprehensive audit and bill payment services for New York State Disability, Paid Family Leave, and Workers' Compensation policies, streamlining tasks and ensuring compliance while saving time and resources.


Full HR Services

Optima Benefits & Payroll provides Full HR services adaptable to businesses of any size. Through our On Demand HR Support, clients select plans tailored to their needs, gaining access to the HR portal with free compliance tools. This includes articles, forms, videos, and state-specific content, fostering employee education and regulatory compliance.

Benefit Administration Software

Optima Benefits & Payroll partners with the most widely used Benefits Administrative services in the industry to provide you with options when it comes to the technology you use for your employees. Technology and integrations are becoming paramount to efficiency in providing the proper message and experience for your employees during the new hire or open enrollment process.


Sexual Harassment &
Learn Management

Optima Benefits Group offers an extensive range of learning management courses, featuring a variety of training programs and educational materials to boost workplace knowledge. These courses are customized to cater to the unique requirements of different businesses and their workforce.


Compliance Plan

Optima Benefits and Payroll provides comprehensive compliance plan documents, ensuring businesses adhere to the latest regulations and legal requirements. These documents are essential for maintaining compliance in various aspects of business operations, offering peace of mind and reliability in regulatory adherence for employers and employees alike. Optima's services in this area are a crucial resource for companies seeking to navigate the complex landscape of compliance with confidence and ease.


Hire on the Go

Optima's "Hire on the Go" applicant tracking system is designed to streamline the hiring process, making it more efficient and user-friendly both employers. This innovative system simplifies the recruitment journey, from posting job openings to tracking applicants, ensuring a smooth and effective hiring experience. It's an ideal tool for businesses looking to optimize their talent acquisition process with speed and precision.


We prioritize being a complete resource for our clients without the need for additional charges for assistance.

Our goal is to support you and demonstrate the significant value of partnering with Optima for all your business needs.

Join the multitude of businesses in Rochester, NY and beyond that trust Optima Benefits Group for their employee benefits and payroll needs.

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