Payroll Services

Payroll services play a crucial role in any business, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Optima Benefits and Payroll’s services can manage a range of tasks, from calculating pay and deductions to handling deposits and tax filings. This not only simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of payroll management but also ensures compliance with various tax laws and regulations.

At Optima, our team is ready to help you get everything set up and in place so you can focus on your business.


Time & Attendance

Explore our tools that are expertly crafted to manage employee time and attendance effectively and efficiently, offering the added benefit of seamless integration with our payroll software for instant data uploads.


Workers’ Compensation

Most employers are required to have Workers' Compensation coverage, and Optima actively searches the market for the best pricing options for this mandatory insurance. Optima offers Pay as you Go Workers' Compensation coverage, where premiums are calculated each pay period and directly remitted to the carrier, ensuring accuracy, and simplifying the annual audit process.

Our Platform

Optima’s technology, integrations, and expertise can help make running your business easier. Our platform allows you quick and easy access to your data for an efficient process to run payroll, manage your employees, and everything in between. We have integrations for Time Clocks, Benefits, Workers' Comp, Learn Management, Job Postings, 401k to provide you and your employees with a streamlined full-service platform made to make things easier for you to manage.



  • One dedicated payroll specialist. All payroll specialists have a minimum of four years of experience.
  • We will provide you immediate and secure access to all your clients’ data, reports, W2/1099 information, tax payments, and more
  • Partner Programs—choose from exclusive programs and discounts for referred clients, private label opportunities, discounted and free payroll services for your firm, or revenue-sharing
  • Access and run your payroll from anywhere, anytime with Employer On the GO
  • Preview payroll results to reduce errors
  • Unlimited earning and deduction codes
  • Payroll for restaurants and tipped employees
  • Print checks and reports locally, or Optima will print and deliver to your business
  • Offer employees signed and sealed live checks, direct deposit, payroll debit card, or a combination
  • Provide employees online access to their paychecks, W2s, and 1099s via Employee Self-Service or the MYGO app.

  • Access hundreds of reports for any date range
  • Import your General Ledger into QuickBooks® and virtually any other accounting package
  • Change Reports allow you to view any changes made each payday
  • Track, Request, and Report Paid Time Off
  • We will take care of your mandatory New Hire Reporting
  • Federal Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Labor Distribution

  • We guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of filing and depositing all federal, state, and local taxes
  • You are provided access to copies of federal, state, and local tax filings

  • MY GO Mobile App
  • Time and Attendance Solutions
  • HR Support Center for HR-related questions
  • Pay as you go Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • And So Much More!!!

Investing in payroll services can significantly benefit a business by reducing administrative burden, improving accuracy, and ensuring legal compliance.

It's a strategic move that can allow business owners and managers to focus more on core business activities, knowing that their payroll needs are handled efficiently and effectively.

Join the multitude of businesses in Rochester, NY and beyond that trust Optima Benefits Group for their employee benefits and payroll needs.

Call us at 585-506-4000 or email us through our secure contact page to learn how we can help your business grow and succeed.