Exclusive Benefits

Explore our curated selection of exclusive benefits.

Discover our unique offerings, including Group Whole Life Insurance for long-term financial security, Telemedicine for convenient access to healthcare, and GlicRx for affordable prescription solutions. Our comprehensive benefits package is designed to meet diverse needs, providing peace of mind and enhancing overall well-being.

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Group Life Insurance

Optima's group life insurance benefits offer unique advantages, including building guaranteed cash value and providing guaranteed paid life insurance after three years with no group administration required. Our service was created to offer employees peace of mind and ensure their loved ones are protected.



These services offered by Optima allow employees to receive medical consultations and mental health support remotely, ensuring timely and flexible care. This modern approach to healthcare is essential for maintaining employee well-being and productivity in today's fast-paced world.



Americans are in agreement with concerns about the rising costs of prescriptions. Optima offers exclusive access to discounts through GlicRx for all of our users, members, and customers.


The benefits we offer are tailored to provide comprehensive coverage and convenience for your unique needs.

Embrace peace of mind and wellness with our specialized offerings. Discover how these exclusive benefits can enhance your life and work experience. For more information, contact Optima Benefits and Payroll.

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