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Securing an individual life insurance policy is essential for various reasons. Businesses often require it for Buy-Sell Agreements or Key Man Insurance. In some cases, the group life insurance offered by your employer may fall short in terms of coverage or not align with your specific needs. Similar to our approach in the group market, we collaborate with diverse carriers to ensure we present you with the utmost value when navigating the market.

In our pursuit to find the optimal policy for your requirements, whether it's Term or Permanent coverage or a more specialized option, we diligently explore all possibilities. Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive guidance and present all available options, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Premium Financed Life Insurance

Premium Financed Life Insurance is a specialized offering tailored for individuals or businesses seeking substantial coverage, particularly for purposes like Estate Planning or funding Buy-Sell Agreements. When coverage amounts reach significant figures, traditional premiums can become prohibitively expensive. Optima offers an alternative solution known as Premium Financed Life Insurance, a unique approach that mitigates the burden of high premiums. While not suitable for everyone, these plans, subject to specific Net Worth requirements, can transform substantial life insurance into a fraction of the cost compared to traditional purchases. As one of the few brokers nationwide with the necessary policies and relationships, Optima stands out in crafting and executing these specialized plans for eligible clients.

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