Optima Benefits & Payroll is proud to introduce a new service aimed at simplifying the administration of New York State mandatory insurances. With a small weekly fee of just $3, we offer comprehensive insurance audit and bill payment services for New York State Disability, Paid Family Leave, and Workers' Compensation policies. This innovative service streamlines the often complex and time-consuming task of managing insurance invoices, ensuring that employers remain compliant with state regulations while saving valuable time and resources.

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For New York State Disability Insurance, whether payments are due monthly, quarterly, or annually, Optima will meticulously calculate the number of male and female employees for the specified period and handle direct arrangements with carriers to facilitate timely invoice payments. Similarly, for Paid Family Leave, our team ensures compliance and accurate billing, guaranteeing that businesses pay the appropriate amounts for all eligible employees. With the ever-evolving landscape of insurance regulations, Optima takes the burden off business owners, providing peace of mind and confidence in their insurance coverage.

When it comes to Workers' Compensation, Optima's audit services are indispensable. We assist clients throughout the audit process, supplying them with all necessary data for a seamless experience. Moreover, businesses can opt to join our pay-as-you-go platform, offering a hassle-free solution that aligns insurance payments with actual payroll, eliminating the need for large upfront premiums and potential audit discrepancies. With Optima's expertise and dedication to client satisfaction, businesses can navigate the complexities of insurance administration with ease, freeing up valuable time to focus on core operations and growth initiatives. To learn more about how our Audit Services can benefit your organization, please contact us today.

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