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Establishing a Group Retirement Plan is a pivotal component of a comprehensive benefits package for your team, and it goes beyond just opting for a 401k. While not every payroll provider offers this flexibility, it's essential to recognize that one size does not suit every company. We offer the expertise to assist you in making the optimal choice for your company's unique needs.


Simple IRAs – The benefit of a Simple IRA is that you have fewer administrative fees and no fiduciary responsibility but are required to make a match to comply. You cannot contribute as much to a Simple as you can a 401k. A Simple IRA provides a convenient solution for small employers who don’t want to deal with the complexity and administration costs of a 401k.

401k – We work with a variety of providers but prefer to work with plans that integrate directly with our software, providing easy administration for all. 401ks are a great way to allow employees to save for retirement, but they do have certain requirements for employers to comply with. We can work with your current advisor, become your advisor, or help you establish a plan that works for your company. We even have plans that take most of the burden off the employer.

Transparent, Affordable Pricing

We aim to keep fees low and transparent for both the employer and employee. For new 401(k) plans, you may be eligible for half your fees in tax credits for the first three years, plus an additional $500/year if you enable auto-enrollment. 

2A Human Interest Advisory Fee of 0.40% of plan assets per year is billed quarterly to the employee's account. Third party advisor fees are defined as part of a separate agreement. 

Offering retirement plans is a crucial step in ensuring long-term financial security for your employees. These plans not only provide a valuable benefit but also demonstrate your investment in your team's future. For more information on setting up a comprehensive retirement plan that suits the needs of your business and employees, feel free to reach out to our Rochester, NY office for guidance and support.

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