Utilize the following instructions to create and manage compliant employee handbooks.

Building a Handbook

Click on Start in the Build a new handbook section

Basic Info & Format

  • Fill out the Basic Information form with company information that you would like to appear in your handbook
  • Click Next
  • Work your way through the Branding section to customize what your handbook will look like
  • Finalize by filling out information about the Handbook Format and click Save

Policy Review

Click Start next to each section to manage content for each policy (note that each handbook section title can be updated)

  • Answer questions if applicable
  • Click on each policy in the left menu list to review. If there are no changes in any of the policies, you can click Approve all
  • If an additional policy is needed within the section, click Add new policy
  • To make any changes to the policy titles or content, click Edit
    • A Restore default option will appear if you make changes, and want to revert back to what was originally shown
    • Click Save
    • Click Approve to move to the next policy item you wish to review or edit
  • When all items are approved within a section, click Next section
  • A green check box will appear next to sections that have been reviewed and approved. Click Continue to next section to review the next section or Section list to return back to a list of all sections

Handbook Download

  • Click Download to view your handbook in Word or PDF format
  • Click In progress if you are still building the handbook and Complete if your handbook is finished (note the status of your handbook will reflect in the Manage handbooks section of the tool

Manage Handbooks

A list of all created handbooks will be showcased in the Manage handbooks section

  • Click Manage next to the Handbook you’d like to work with
  • Click Edit to make minor revisions to your policies or continue building your handbook where you left off.
  • Click Duplicate if you’d like to conduct a more thorough audit or make more extensive changes without having to start over from scratch
  • Click More to mark the handbook Complete, or change a completed handbook back to in progress
  • Click More to Download or Delete a handbook